Opaque Frit Powder/Printing Glaze

Product introduction


Brand: Linsheng
Number: LS
Certification: ISO9001
Origin: Shandong
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Ton
Packaging Details: 40k 50kg/bag,1000kg/bag, with or without pallets
Delivery Time: 15-25 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 Tons/month


Code Firing Range(ºC) C.O.E.(3α)
LS-651 1160-1200 190 Opaque matt printing glaze for single fast firing floor tiles.
LS-652 1160-1200 195 Opaque matt printing glaze for single fast firing exterior wall, floor and rustic tiles with good attrition resistance effect.
LS-653 1160-1200 195 As the 100cm*100cm wall tile for example, after applied with glaze or printing glaze,printing 10g gnegative ion glaze in the surface and firing in the kiln. After all, the matt negative ion glazed effect was made. The quantity of printing will determine consistency of the negative ion and radioactivity, we suggest the applying negative ion glaze to the decided by 3000-6000 negative ions be detected.
LS-654 1160-1200 195 Opaque&matt printing glaze for rustic tiles with relief effect.
LS-655 1100-1160 180 Opaque printing glaze for single fast firing floor or wall ti
LS-656 1030-1080 170 Opaque glossy printing glaze for double fast firing.
LS-9856 1100-1220 190 Semi-transparent printing glaze for single or double firing wall tiles, floor tiles and homogeneous tiles with sinking effect. Normally use 51T screen, for sinking mold patten effect use 61T screen.

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