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Linsheng International Trade Co., Ltd.---An integrated economic and trade enterprise based on own factory.
Company History:
1. Started in 2002:In the begining of 2000S, Allen Li formerly organize and incorporate the Yu Feng Ceramic&Glaze factory, transitioning the ancient art of glazing into modern industry.
2. Age of progress:With the enhancement of R & D capability and the establishment of advanced kilns Factory started to supply frits to famous ceramic tile company such as Marcopolo Tiles and Nabel Tiles.
1. Scaling up: Yu Feng Ceramic&Glaze Factory moved to Guangrao District. Rong Xuan Industry and Trade Co,.Ltd.was established in 2012.
           The factory area increased from 3200 square meters to 8500 square meters.
           The number of employees increased from 8 to 22.
           The annual production increased from 10K tons to 35K tons.
2. Beyond China: Rong Xuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.started to supply frits to SCG group, Thailand.
3. Dedicated to technology &environment: In 2015, Rong Xuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd became the first and only factory which use natural gas as the energy to manufacture frits in Shandong Province. In the mean time, professional laboratory was set up to satisfy consumers` customized demand.
4. International expansion: In 2018, based on Rong Xuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Zibo Linsheng International Trade Co.,Ltd was funded, provide solutions to international frits buyers.


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